A country with strong economy is capable of everything
H. Aliyev

IT is the most dynamic developing sector among non-oil spheres by its increasing yields.


    due to IT development

    among 139 countries


    due to IT services

Resource: Telecommunications Union, “IT Development Index 2016”, The World Economic Forum, “Network Preparation Index 2016”.


MDB məkanında internet əhatəsinə görə 1-cidir


1.6 bln. AZN

IT services volume

27 thousands

Labour power

+ 2 bln. $

Investment since 2010


In Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

The first telecommunication satellite “Azerspace-1” was launched in 2013 and will provide Internet coverage Azerbaijan, Central Asia, Europe and Africa region for 15 years period.

The next “Azerspace-2” satellite will be launched in 2017 and realize digital broadcasting, Internet access, data transfer and multi-service network.

Main spheres:




Internet service

Fixed services

Mobile services

To provide the speedy progress in IT sphere, High-Tech Parks put in commission. These parks eventually will be provided with all kind of infrastructure and offer the residents available terms and tax benefits.

Further information about IT is available at “Doing Business in Azerbaijan” kitabçasından almaq olar.

Agriculture and Food Industry.

4.8 8 mln. ha

Grand area suitable for




active labour power


of food in production industry

1326 mln. $.

Investment to food industry in 2003-2015

Agriculture subsectors:

  • Gardening (fruit and vegetables)
  • Sugar growing
  • Viticulture
  • Tobacco growing
  • Hazel nuts growing
  • Heyvandarlıq
  • Tea growing
  • Fish growing
  • Beekeeping

  • Agriculture production



    Major segments in food industry

    Fruit and vegetable growing
    Meat and meat foods production
    Dairy production
    Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages production

    For development of these sectors the government applies many benefits.

      • Sale and rent of agriculture equipment with 50% discount
      • 50% payment of water injection equipment cost
      • Sale and renting of breeding cattle with 50% discount
      • Grants for corn growers
      • Sale of mineral fertilizers in favorable terms
      • 50% payment of insurable value
      • Grants for motor oils and fuel used in cultivated area
      • “Tax holidays”
      • Exemption from VAT and customs duty

    Mainly exported products

    • Fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Canned fruits and vegetables
    • Fruit juices
    • Wine
    • Other alcoholic beverages
    • Tea
    • Vegetable and animal oils
    • Sugar
    • Cotton

    Further information about agriculture and food industry is available at “Agriculture and Food Processing” and “Doing Business in Azerbaijan” booklets.

    Chemical Industry

    3.4 bln. AZN

    Production volume


    investment in 2003-2015

    1 bln. $

    Product export volume in 2015

    To provide the speedy progress in IT sphere, Sumgayit Chemical Industry Park put in commission. The park will be supplied with all kinds of infrastructure eventually and offer the residents available terms and tax benefits.

    Major products

    • Benzene
    • Diesel fuel
    • Lubricant oils
    • Ethylene
    • Polyethylene
    • Propylene
    • Bitumen
    • Colorants
    • Barium sulphide

    Further information about chemical industry is available at “Industry in Azerbaijan” and “Doing Business in Azerbaijan” booklets.

    The major strategic goal in machinery development is the import substitution. The greatest number of labour power among production industries is engaged here.

    670 mln. $

    Investment in 2003-2015

    14.6 thousand

    Labour power

    198.8 mln. AZN

    Production volume

    25% Machinery and equipment production for oil-gas industry

    75% Производство машин и оборудования для нефтегазовой промышленности

      • 150 years experience in this section of machinery
      • Successful export to neighbour and regional markets

    Major subsectors

  • Different machine parts manufacture
  • Agricultural machines
  • Auto-devices manufacture
  • Electric engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • Radio and automatic control engineering
  • To provide the speedy progress in IT sphere Garadagh Industry Park put in commission. The park will be supplied with all kind of infrastructure eventually and offer the residents favourable terms and tax benefits.

    Major products

    • Different size ships
    • Agricultural equipment, lorries
    • Various commercial vehicles
    • Electrical engines
    • Oil separation equipment

    Further information about Machinery is available at “Industry in Azerbaijan” and “Doing Business in Azerbaijan” booklets.

    Being located at the coast of the Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains, Azerbaijan has a favourable position and attracts tourists with its hospitality, cultural and historical heritage, rich cuisine and religious tolerance.

    Due to the tourism competitiveness among 141 countries 84th
    Due to the tourism growth in East Europe 2nd
    Due to the human resources, labour market and safety 36th
    Due to the health and hygiene 44th
    Due to IT 52nd
    Due to tourism significance 58th
    Due to the cost competitiveness in the sector 65th

    Resource: World Economic Forum, “Travel and Tourism Competition Index”
    Tourism Organization.

    According to “TripAdvisor” Baku is one of 5 speedy developing cities for 2016

    Tourism subsections

  • Cultural heritage and tourism
  • Relax tourism
  • Business tourism
  • Eko-turizm
  • Religious tourism
  • Sport and leisure tourism

  • Tourists purpose for visiting:



    Health and religious reasons


    Further information about tourism is available at “Tourism and Hospitality” and “Doing Business in Azerbaijan” booklets.

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