A country with strong economy is capable of everything
H. Aliyev

1. Contact AZPROMO

  • - we will make sure you are well equipped with necessary information for investment decision-making;
  • - guide you through each step of establishing and expanding business for FREE;

2. Azərbaycana səyahət et

  • - explore the country visually with site-visit tours that AZPROMO arranges for you;
  • - do matchmaking with potential business partners;
  • - liaise with government authorities;

3. Choose your business location

  • - decide between industrial/technology parks and other available business locations and enjoy attractive set of incentives;

4. Register your company

  • - choose a form of presence and register your company within 2 business days;

5.Get necessary licenses or permits

  • - obtain licenses and permits for some business activities through a simple and straightforward process in maximum 10 business days;

6. Apply for getting benefit of incentives and privileges

  • - Be a resident of industrial/technology parks;
  • - Get Investment Promotion Document and enjoy advantages;

7.Start your business

  • - It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable;

Remember! AZPROMO’s guidance is ensured in every stage!!! We are always there to help you source local suppliers and partners.

It is a great pleasure for us to take care of you and your business.

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